Heller Advisory is a woman owned business focused on the pension, endowment, foundation, and high net worth sector. We value the relationships we have built with chief investment officers and other investment decision makers.

Francie Heller

Founding Partner

How has your experience to date prepared you to create relationships with institutional investors and asset managers?
I have spent over 30 years focusing on the needs of pensions, endowments, and foundations. I have built and managed teams at large investment banks, hedge funds, and boutique investment advisory firms in order to deliver best in class products and services.

I have actively participated in almost every industry organization, including NAST (National Association of State Treasurers), GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association), NASRA (National Association of State Retirement Administrators), NCPERS (National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems), NIRS (National Institute on Retirement Security), National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR), and CII (Council of Institutional Investors). I have served as an advisor to GFOA’s Committee on Retirement and Benefits Administration and am currently the chairperson of the Corporate Advisory Board for the National Association of State Treasurers. I also serve as the Chair of the Investment Committee of Furman University, Big Picture Learning, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Where did you build your skill-set?
After attending Boston University, University of Georgia, and Fordham University, I built my skill-set in the field. Unlike many other marketers, I have worked in the public sector and am serving as the chairperson of an endowment and foundation investment committee. I have also created and managed an investment management business for local governments with $30 billion assets under management. I have demonstrated a personal commitment to the safekeeping of assets across the country.

Because of this commitment, I have connected only the highest quality managers.

What do you love most about this business?
I love the business and the wonderful relationships I have made. I love being able to represent managers I respect and enjoy working with and bringing dynamic appropriate investments to my contacts.