Current Assignments

Heller Advisory is currently fundraising for a select group of investment managers:


1. Non traditional even driven hedge fund

  • Seeks to profit from unique, idiosyncratic, off the run type events impacting stock price
  • Fundamental research with implementation via equity derivatives (100% US listed)
  • Non directional
  • Uncorrelated to broader markets
  • Experienced investment team


2. Healthcare private equity fund

  • Invest in US high growth companies in the healthcare and business service sectors
  • 9th fund organized by the manager
  • Innovation based buy and build approach
  • Focus on pharmaceutical services, healthcare information technology, payer patient providers business models
  • Portfolio Managers have an average 30+ years of experience


3. Real estate/infrastructure growth equity fund

  • Investing in companies that provide value to real estate owners or tenants
  • Sector focus on smart systems, resource and work flow optimization, advanced materials
  • Invest in companies that provide value through productivity enhancements and efficiencies


4. Long only intrinsic value equity fund

  • 30 year track record
  • Intrinsic value investing discipline
  • Several strategies: international, global, large cap, opportunistic


5. Healthcare long only equity fund

  • Founded in 2000 and among the longest-established and largest global healthcare equity managers
  • Specializing global healthcare and emerging market healthcare strategies
  • Employs concentrated, bottom-up, low-turnover, long-only, and GARP philosophy
  • Investment team of sixteen professionals in Montreal, Geneva and Hong Kong


6. Asia focused fund

  • Value specialist in Asia-Pacific region with focus on Greater China
  • Intensive fundamental research with bottom-up stock-picking
  • Employs an investment team that is large enough to ensure in-depth research coverage including under-covered stocks
  • Absolute return long biased, fixed income, long/short equity strategies available
  • Track record from 1993 and five offices across Asia with head office in Hong Kong


7. Liquid multi asset fund

  • Non-cyclical, multi asset, daily liquid investment strategy
  • Unique behavioral psychology approach to financial markets
  • Manages a regulated UCITS platform
  • Experienced team in multi-asset, global, liquid, alternative portfolios